Diet For Health With Weight Loss!


One hit in the UK diet is this 5 2 diet, and the cause of interest is so big that it is the purpose of those people who love to eat.

What is this?

5 Diet 2 was created on proven theories, as a result of scientific research that began in 2006 in the UK. When it highlighted the connection between increased weight and breast cancer. Therefore, maintaining ideal body weight is one way to prevent many serious diseases.

How it works?

There are three main steps that need to be followed:

Post – stick two days a week, but immediately one after another
Eat normally but healthy 5 days a week
Three times a week, those days when you fast, exercising for 30 minutes.
These are the basic principles of the diet. During fasting, nutritionists suggest it be those days of the week that you are too busy and that you do not expect too much intellectual effort.

Many chose ponedelni Thursday and Sunday to a healthy start, and during the weekend to be able to enjoy myself. During the fasting days, are prohibited: bread, cereals, starches, legumes, bad fats, sugar, and highlight fresh and cooked vegetables, skimmed milk products and protein supplemented with a bit nuts.
On fasting days, women are advised to bring food with maximum 500 calories and 600 men three times a week, in the days when you fast, exercise for 30 minutes.
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During normal 5 days it is important to enter more than 2000 calories a day, because the diet does not have any effect if you overeat the next day after fasting.

5 Diet: 2 may be the key to your success. Patients with this diet, lost an average of 4 pounds, as opposed to those who held a diet with reduced consumption.

Here’s a suggestion for a “lean” 500 calorie menu

Breakfast: Green tea, soft boiled egg

Lunch: vegetable soup, raw vegetables (flavored with tablespoon of rapeseed oil and lemon), yogurt

Dinner: Apple, one hand almonds or hazelnuts and coffee

PM: Cream of vegetable soup (gaspacho), fish, vegetables, tea without caffeine

What can you drink?

Many water. The more water you drink the faster you score. And water will help, even when you feel hunger. Alcohol is allowed in normal donovi and in normal amounts.

In time you can eat in this diet?

Those 500 calories you can eat in a meal or to share a few smaller, healthier. Experiment a little and see how you match up. You can afford the food they want, but within the normal range.

What in normal Days?

In these days it is important to enjoy fast food and have three main meals a day.

Why is this diet is so Good?

Good for Health
During fasting, the body is taking specific biological reactions. It reduces the level of insulin, leptin, glucose, cholesterol and decreases arterial pressure while the body is detoxified.

No Exhausts
It’s hard for weeks to live on cooked vegetables and lean meat. But if you control 48 hours a week, would not be difficult.

No impact on social Life
With traditional diets, will soon become a person who measures every bite and would hardly be a favorite among friends. In 5 2 diet, it changes, because you can be moderate post to you when it suits you. And most importantly, the two weeks that have passed are relaxed on vacation, did not affect the result achieved.

Lifting the Morale
The results are visible already in the third week and that there is no starvation mode and provides an incentive to hold on.

Great for Silhouette
One of the numerous advantages of this diet is that there is no loss of muscle mass. So free from now tell them “goodbye” to the deposits around the stomach.

Five days without Restriction

This is certainly the best of this diet. Five days a week you can eat whatever you want, however, it is desirable to choose a diet such as the Mediterranean. So the choice is in your hands, but do not overdo it with hamburgers, french fries, baking and alcohol.

Totally Pleased

In order chocolate diet is allowed. Whole cheese two to three times a week? Also. Ice cream or pancake? Why not?

Minimum Exercise

Although this diet is effective, however, it is magical. To stay in shape, you need to be in motion. In the days when you are fasting, half hour brisk walk or bike ride accelerates melting fat and discarding toxins.

Maintaining a long Distance

What next? In order to restore the lost pounds, enough to fast one day a week or two fused days in two weeks. It’s easy feasible.